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The Bank Chor Full Movie In Hindi Download Utorrent




The film features Randeep Hooda and Kareena Kapoor in lead roles, with Paresh Rawal, Anupam Kher, Sayani Gupta and Poonam Dhillon in supporting roles. It released on 4 September 2017, to negative reviews and underperformed at the box office. The film revolves around an aspiring would-be banker who helps a gang of professional bank robbers. Plot In Bhayandar, a famous bank has just been robbed. The police have a suspect in their custody and are looking for another person, especially after a card was used to withdraw money from the bank. The police station is under pressure from the press to arrest a suspect. The officer on duty asks for suggestions from anyone who knows the identity of the person. Lives of retired IPS officer Gautam, security consultant Aditya, and a girl named Diya, who appears to be rich, are intertwined, but they meet in real life only once. When a news flash about a series of robberies in various cities is shown on television, Aditya suggests a report that is similar to the one that was aired. He later meets Diya, and she tells him that her father died in the accident that caused her wealth, and that she is a daily wage worker with a greedy boss. Aditya finds out that she has many family members in the army, which makes her father proud. He also discovers that she is a graduate with a Postgraduate degree. But he fails to convince Diya to be his girlfriend. Diya accepts Aditya's offer to be an honorary security consultant in his firm. However, he later learns that his father, Gautam, is the person that was arrested for the robberies. They finally meet in reality. Gautam has been asked to open a bank account for an aspiring banker called Rahul, but discovers that he is involved with a gang of bank robbers. Aditya, as a security consultant, will be in charge of the security arrangements at the bank. Gautam, who used to teach police courses, is sure that the gang's identity can be easily traced. When Gautam is introduced to Rahul, he is scared of him because he believes him to be a gangster. However, Rahul convinces Gautam that he is not a gangster and has a deep love for Diya. Gautam accepts Rahul as a friend and starts to feel sorry for him, as he did




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The Bank Chor Full Movie In Hindi Download Utorrent
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